Competence Centres

Competence Centres

By centralizing the data, we have developed skills to certify them (Blockchain), process them (Machine Learning, NLP, IOT) and protect them (Cyber Security)

Supply engineering

The continuous research and analysis of organizational and technological opportunities for the corporate and business process improvements of our customers with the help of enabling technologies:

We help our customers in the digital transformation process with the use of virtualization, containerization and orchestration, cloud and edge computing platforms as well as compression, replication (Georeplication) and data distribution solutions

The sensors to service of the company with the creation of effective monitoring, process control and data collection tools

Smartcontract and data certification

Assessment, Vulnerability, Network Monitoring, New generation Firewalling, Log Management and Event Monitoring

Research of technologies, aids and supports to guarantee more accurate information in real time in everyday life and in production processes

Creation and modelling of virtual simulation environments dedicated to training on highly specialized content

Study, analysis and modelling of algorithms for the manipulation of information. Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Development of specific algorithms for the recognition of natural language. Chatbot, Natural Speeching, Text recognition


We have applied smart contract technology both on public services and on private networks in data certification contexts obtaining:

Machine Learning, NLP

We use heterogeneous data – from structured databases to completely unstructured data – to analyse processes, build cognitive patterns and create meaningful information.

We process:

  • Business Intelligence algorithms and dashboards
  • We analyse the written experience of a company (email, FAQ, contracts, user questionnaires etc.) “to predict the future”

Cyber Security

We divide the security of a company both at the level of information transport (Networking) and at the level of information management (Application)


We imagine the future of daily activities interconnected with the world of the network through IoT systems with increasingly advanced sensors that provide data and details to be collected and analysed for increasingly accurate controls