We aim at bringing a streamlined and fast offer to guarantee strength on the market and prompt response.

The Factory

Union of Technology and Intellect, we like to represent it as an industrial production line:

  • Collection of requirements
  • Feasibility evaluation
  • Modelling of the application domain
  • Architectural design
  • Definition of technological perimeter
  • Project Management
  • PMO
  • Operational secretariat
  • Functional assessment
  • Technical evaluation
  • Software development
  • Revision control systems
  • Remedial maintenance
  • Adaptive maintenance
  • Evolutionary maintenance
  • Test Management
  • Performance checks
  • Regression and Security
  • Installation and configuration of the operating environment

Factory is split into 3 areas:


Development and maintenance of IT systems, AS400, SAP.

Manage large workloads and high data flows on environments that operate for long time periods .
Thanks to our experience we cover any Mainframe area of expertise:
Systems engineering, Application, Project management, Business management.


Assessment, design and development of desktop, mobile and web apps.

We deal with project management, technical evaluation, application creation, integration testing, support for customer testing phases.
Compatibility with critical applications that cannot be adapted to more traditional systems, redundant design, Big Data management, Analytics.


IT security management for finance sector.

We coordinate and manage on behalf of our customers in the finance sector, the profiling and access of internal and administrative users, profiling of host and departmental customers, support for internet browsing and irregularities in ticketing system.

Supports issues arising from competence centers and research:

In addition to developing software, it may support all that comes from Delivery as evolutionary and / or corrective of AM (Application Management).


We rely on our best skills to the benefit of customers in order to support them at 360 °.

Business consultancy
Supply of tools to guide the company in the commercial sector

Functional advice
Provision of experts in certain working/procedural areas

Organisational consultancy
Supply of PM/PMO able to better organise the project activities

Technical advice
Supply of competent specialists of the technologies requested by the customer

Infrastructure Services

We offer services and technologies for the digitalisation of infrastructures:












EOS makes its knowledge available, organizing training courses with consequent insertions in the company through training stages to expand knowledge and open doors to the world of work

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