We offer products for the areas:

Market Software

Badge Portal
Suite for managing staff redundancy in the area

Oil Invoice
Suite for the management of electronic invoicing at fuel points of sale

Work on Stage
Manages all the processes necessary for an employment agency (APL)

Web Crawler
The technology used by search engines to collect data from websites automatically

Token Code
Software Suite with << in Security >> management of B2C purchases

Batch Check Up
Solution for the control and quality assurance of the performance of IT systems

GDPR Security
GDPR compliance management. It also carries out: Vulnerability analysis, active firewalling, log management and predictive analysis of IT behaviour

Mobile App to certify a document or generically a file via Blockchain in order to verify that document or file may not altered over time in the future

Pad SDD Recessed SEPA
Platform for the management of all national and cross-border collections and / or payments arrangements in a PSD perspective. Allows integration with other networks (GDO, Telephony, Insurance …)

It certifies the genuineness and the release of a guarantee on Blockchain, by communicating the three players taking part in this type of documents: contractor, guarantor/guarantor, guaranteed body

Software for the world of Machine Learning

Train To
Models and algorithms for predictive maintenance capable of extracting information from the available data that are to be exploited as the starting point for the construction of more advanced metrics with a view to Machine Learning. The achieved results have a good chance of success on the chance of realising certain events

HiQ Solutions
Suite for the predictive management of devices
Service for active monitoring
Support for maintenance efficiency
Planning to optimise device efficiency

MTX Cube
Business Intelligence server platform to assess XML messaging ISO20022 SWIFT FIN ISO15022 exchanged with all counterparties (domestic and foreign)

Leave Key
Financial models and algorithms that assess the abandonment rate

Territory Management Software

Land Governance
Information dashboard on landscape structure.
Dynamic and integrated mapping of the various spatial arrangement plans (PTPR, PAI …) in a single web GIS solution with assessment tools

Land Management
Management of data from detections by Drones with the use of LIDAR (laser scan), allowing planning and management of suitable territory for landscape and hydrogeological constraints, that define areas at greatest risk

Software for the world of Healthcare

Life Box
Portal for the patient on all collection and information management activities relating to their health and their medical records

ERMES Network medicine
System of integration and data extraction from medical records of different manufacturers for general practitioners

PACS system for the archiving, indexing and transmission of images and data in the diagnostic imaging departments

Web based platform and mobile app for the complete management of medical/nursing and clinical/diagnostic activities

Energy RIS-LIS
Complete system both for the management of patient diagnostic information and for departments or diagnostic centres for clinical analyses

Software for the test and logical / formal control of C files and the conversion into XML format, as required by SOGEI

General medical records
Suite Software for the management of the medical records of pediatric and general medicine clinics

Assistance therapeutic-diagnostic pathways
A management system for a care pathway committed to chronic diseases
WEB platform to support users, healthcare facilities and freelancers for appointments, online booking, online payment, internal messaging and statistical management services

Logistics Software

Suite Software to completely manage the warehouse of materials and / or finished products
– Operations Management
– Map of the warehouse
– Standard for articles, packaging, pallets and containers
– Human-computer interactivity

Mini MAC
The software for the logistics of simple and small warehouses
– Layout and Map of the warehouse
– Data relating to the items
– Stock management
– Entry and Exit of goods

Solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

A modern corporate ERP concept, a modular, flexible and intuitive solution that does not just manage company information, but organizes all its processes with the promptness and efficiency indispensable for the needs of modern businesses

Artificial Intelligence Software

Dolphin Auto
Intelligent automation of the document sorting process.
Is able to analyze the content of a document, identifying the ideal recipient based on the history of previous documents.

Dolphin Email
Automating the Email sorting process.
It is able to analyze the content of an email, identifying the ideal recipient based on the previous email history.

Dolphin HR e Chatbot
Automation linked to the HR world, over time it has acquired knowledge from millions of job advertisements and has become aware of the skills needed to cover tens of thousands of job profiles.
It is your virtual assistant capable of: Centralizing, Prescreening and performing predictive analysis of candidates.

Dolphin HD
Automation of a Help Desk system for sorting emails in specific problems
The software analyzes the e-mails received, and on the basis of the notions learned, through training, turns the e-mail to the recipients of reference.