Research and Development

Target the future for the renewal of skills and products for the market of tomorrow

The Method

Seize the opportunities made available by European and National bodies to achieve the following objectives:

Enrichment of skills
Certified training
Development of solutions
Support to our clients’ research projects

Research and Development projects in progress

Blockchain of the art
Validation, certification and classification process of artworks to guarantee their value allowing an immediate cataloguing

Augmented Surgery
A stereoscopic viewer that allows the surgeon to have information about the patient before his eyes and to guide his hand with high precision
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Blockchain Administration
Website and App for the condominium management to manage payments of operational expenditure and facilitate communications with the Condominium Administrator

Blockchain and workplace safety (Legislative Decree 81)
Safety at Work (Active PPE Monitoring)
Check on Site (Safety and compliance on construction sites)
Beep4Safety (Interference Control)
Mark4Safety (Safety and compliance in Industrial plants)
Smart Signal (Monitoring of safety traffic signs)

Production chain certification
System that certifies the single production phase of the supply chain on blockchain by building step by step the history of each single product to be distributed on the market

Water meter readings on Blockchain
Certification on blockchain technology of water meter reading